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Secret Fashion Fixes

February 6, 2018

Secret Fashion Fixes is an online One-Stop- Shop for innovative, quirky and genius products designed to solve hundreds of fashion & beauty dilemmas that ladies can experience in their everyday lives. Be it faulty zippers, jeans too tight or too loose, slipping bra straps, lost earrings, deodorant marks on tops, you name it, whatever the fashion or beauty dilemma we have a fashion fix or beauty solution to solve it.


Fix that Fashion Dilemma: It’s been a long Winter so far and a there’s a bit more to go yet! Are your Winter Jumpers, Knits & Cardigans starting to look old and worn with lots of Fluff bobbles and Pill Build up on them? How can you get them looking like new again?

Secret Fashion Fixes Solution: Sweater Tamer.

Sweater Tamer brick removes sweater pill, lint, fluff bobbles and fuzziness from your clothes instantly,


making them look like new again. Sweater Tamer will allow you to get a lot more wear out of your favourite sweaters, cardigans or wool jumpers. It is also great for coats, fleece wear and blankets! All you need to do is lightly rub Sweater Tamer on your material & watch the "fluff Bobbles" disappear!

Clothing will look brand new again!





Fix that Fashion Dilemma: Faulty Zipper on Jeans or Trouser that just keeps opening and won’t stay up?



Secret Fashion Fixes Solution:

Zuppies – Keep that Faulty Zipper Up. Zuppies are a simple and inexpensive way to keep a faulty zipper up! This genius product is designed to keep those pesky zippers in the secured zipped-up position. The unique design is easy to use and doesn’t hinder trips to the bathroom … Zuppies work with jeans, shorts, skirts and slacks. With Zuppies

you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing open zippers. http://www.secretfashionfixes.ie/zuppies--keep-your-zipper-up/zuppiespd.html





Fix that Fashion Dilemma: How do you prevent belt buckle bulge when you want to wear your slim fitting tops over your Jeans?