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Why Nailtiques? The “secret” in the famous Nailtiques Protein Formulas is a combination of natural proteins and conditioners that work together with your own nails’ natural healing processes and stimulate a process of repair, strengthening and growth. This brings your nails back into health balance, giving you the long strong healthy nails you want. And…Results will start to be visible almost immediately… In Ireland alone, hundreds of beauty professionals and nail technicians have insisted on Nailtiques for their manicures, pedicures and client treatments for over 21 years.

My Nails are Soft, Peeling and/or Weak… Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 is just the one for you. Packed with natural proteins and conditioners developed for just your nail conditions, Formula 2 stimulates rapid growth and strengthens your nails. Use it daily to begin with and see almost immediate improvement. Full easy-to-follow instructions in every pack. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee means you have nothing to lose except your nails problems.

My Nails are Hard, Dry or Ridged… Nailtiques Protein Formula 3 is right for you. Developed for especially to treat your problem, Formula 3 has the correct balance of Proteins and Conditioners to bring your nails back on track .

Help! My nails need some TLC after using Gel Polish…

Nailtiques has the perfect answer for you with the AFTER ARTIFICIAL TREATMENT KIT.

This specially developed two-part treatment nourishes and replenishes nails with vital ingredients following removal of acrylics or gels. A true “hero” product used by beauty professionals all over the world


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