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OMG Double Dare

OMG Double Dare launched in Ireland in 2017, it originates from LA. Our masks bring you a routine that is simple and travel friendly, will save you time, money and the hassle. We have done all the work for you all you need to do is grab, go and get gorgeous. 10% discount code :MOD

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What effects do your masks have on the skin?

We have 4 different types of masks all of which have different effects on the skin. To sum it up they cleanse, detoxify, treat and hydrate the skin while giving you the control of highly concentrated solution and precise applications every time . We have masks for both men and woman .

What is the most popular mask in the range ?

Our biggest seller would definitely be our 2in1 bubble microfiber mask. This is a set of 2 sheet masks. The first is applied to the skin and left for 3-5minutes, this is going to cleanse the skin and pores by producing a bubbling effect penetrating deep down into the pores and removing any makeup or dirt from within the skin. The second mask is a microfiber cloth sheet mask. This one can be left on for up to 20mins. As your skin has been cleaned and your pores have been opened due to the bubbling of the first mask, this mask is going to work deeper into the layers of the dermis, giving you a boost of hydration leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Is it just face masks OMG Double Dare do?

Actually, we do a hair mask which comes with a healing shampoo, a treatment and an infused keratin self heating cap. This mask is amazing and is also suitable for use on Microbead or keratin bond extensions. We also have a gorgeous range of OMG headbands that can be used when apply makeup or using your masks so your hair is being protected.

What is special about the Masks ?

Our masks range for all ages. They are fun and versatile giving you all the benefits of an at home facial without the heavy pricing. They are animal cruelty free which is very important to us as a company.

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