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Award winning Declaré Ireland. Luxury for your skin Declaré – the famous Swiss cosmetics brand specialises in cosmetics for soft, sensitive skin that needs extra special skincare. Developed in the late 70's, Declaré was the first skin care line developed specifically for sensitive skin. Each of the brand's products has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin in order to provide effective, long-term care for those with sensitive skin. This brand has been recommended by beauty experts globally and has everything from cleansers to deodorant.

I have very sensitive skin , can I use the enzyme peel ?

All Declaré Ireland products are suitable for sensitive skins. Exfoliation is excellent to brighten the skin and remove the sluggish look from the skin. The enzyme peel is a soft creamy foam that absorbs any excess sebum and gently loosens any dead skin cells. These are then washed away automatically after a short, gentle massage. Ideal for sensitive, very dry or blemished. With an enzyme peel the dead skin cells are removed following an enzymatic reaction, without the need for rubbing. It can be used once or twice weekly and you will find your products will work better after the old dead cells are removed. €25.95 for pharmacies nationwide and for more information.

I would love to get the glow back into my skin. The Ocean best mask is your answer . It is a cocktail of algae extracts , hyaluronic acid and seawater. This mask is excellent for retaining moisture on the skin and works on dry lines caused by dehydration. Use weekly for a skin that glows naturally. €29.95 from salons nationwide.

I have very high colouring , any tips to calm my skin. Declaré Ireland have anti -irritation serum €59.95. It has a calming effect on reddened skin because it has an healing and anti-inflammatory properties.It strengthens vascular walls and optimises blood circulation. It also had an anti -ageing effect as it contains hyaluronic acid and regenerates the skin and leaves it with a silky base that does not feel oily . This is ideal as a makeup base.

Every time I use eye cream my eyes react as my skin is super sensitive but I see my eyelids are ageing

Declaré Ireland has essential eye lifting serum. It works on eyelids , dark circles and puffiness and is suitable for sensitive skin. It has a lifting effect on dropping eyelids . It also strengthens and protects the delicate skin on the eye area and works on the capillaries that cause dark circles . Anyone you suffers with puffiness this eye serum reduces this and works on fatigue around the eye area. €45 from pharmacies nationwide.

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