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GOSH Cosmetics brings iridescent effects make-up with shine, shimmer, and dazzle, brightly coloured mascaras and liquid eyeliners, pencils and nail enamels with the subtle sensuality of glitter, and a complete assortment of waterproof or semi-permanent make-up.

I have been a gosh fan for years because for one simple fact they do my favourite eye pencils.

I love the range of colours and their pigment, and they do shades no one else does.

I love the ethos of the brand, and I have been proud to represent the brand on national television.

I have a good few favourites.

Lumi- drops a must for every makeup bag.

If you wake up and your skin does not feel or look great these drops will make you look radiant and as a lovely silky texture.

They are a really liquid highlighter.

You can use under eyes, Cupid bow or shoulder and cleavage.

I mix it with foundation and mix with my body lotions.

Giant bronzer. I take this everywhere.

I use it winter and summer. I use on body parts that are exposed if I am too lazy for a tan.

Great for a quick pick me up if you are in a hurry in the mornings.

Brow serum.

Who doesn't want fuller brows?

This serum also works on lashes to get your lashes and brows back to your former glory.

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