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Purcell & Woodcock

Purcell & Woodcock is a luxury lifestyle brand, offering affordable products to families that desire luxury for everyday living. Designed in Ireland and focused on superior quality, beauty and usability, the products are refined with beautiful fragrances and signature packaging to enhance and enrich your home and lifestyle.

Who’s behind the brand and why did you start it?

I’m Gina Cassidy and I’m a Mum of four gorgeous kids. I set up Purcell & Woodcock in 2015 after spending 15 years in HR. Six months after launching, Morgans my husbands business of 20 years fell victim to the recession and we were left with a fledgling start up, no solid income and three kids under 4. Fast forward three years and we now have four kids, are stocked in 300 stores across Ireland and the UK and enjoy the endless juggle of home and work life together!

I always wanted to start my own business, and had been candle mad for many years so I figured that was a good place to start! But in reality, I firmly believed that there was a gap for making luxury candles affordable and more importantly, useable. There’s no point saving a candle for a special occasion, so I suppose what I wanted to achieve was a brand that celebrated everyday life and allowed people to enjoy simple every day luxuries.

What are your products made of?

We offer a collection of fragranced candles, diffusers and Rooms Sprays that are presented in our signature packaging. Our candles contain no paraffin and are hand poured with a pure soya wax, lead-free 100% cotton wicks and our signature fragrance blends. Our diffusers are alcohol free and are hand blended with a renewable base and our award winning room sprays are blended with a natural sugar beet extract so all our products are better for your home and our environment.

We constantly strive to source the purest ingredients ingredients to ensure each customer feels joy, warmth and calm on using our products.

What makes your Brand different?

Our brand is all about useable luxury and offering our customers exceptional value for money. The brand is built on family values as we believe everyone deserves a little luxury in their busy lives so we have designed and produced a range of products that offers the quality, useability and luxury of a high end product, at a fraction of the price.

Every element of our brand is built on family values, Purcell is Morgans Mums maiden name and Woodcock is my maiden name so from the name to every minute detail, the six snowflakes of our logo represent Morgan, myself and our four kids and each fragrance has been carefully selected from cherished memories of our combined family events.

Whats next for the business?

In terms of what’s next, we’re so excited to be launching the Eckersley Collection next month, which is a beautifully patterned fine bone China collection of candles and diffusers. Eckersley was my Grandmothers maiden name and she had a beautiful gold rimmed china tea service that was passed

down from her mother. I have fond memories of the tea service in my own Mums house and so it’s a wonderful tribute to the strong women in our family to call the collection after her, and to extend the brand name back a further generation. It’s also a step away from our current collection of Greys, so we’re thrilled to introduce some colour as we head into Summer.

Discount code MOD15 for 15% off all products (excludes shipping) – available from Wednesday 18th to Wednesday 25 th April 2018​

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