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Beauty Emporium specialises in offering exclusive beauty products for the everyday woman.

What is Mad4Eyebrow?

Mad4Eyebrow is made up of natural fibres with a mineral powder. The fibres stick to the skin to mimic the appearance of hair. Mad4Eyebrow acts as an instant brush on eyebrow filler, filling in gaps or scars and can be used in all areas of hair loss (brows, hair line, bald spots etc). Mad4Eyebrow can also be used for anyone suffering from hair loss, due to chemotherapy, alopeciaetc. We have also had customers use Mad4Eyebrow to cover grey head hair in between hair colourings.

Will it stay on all day?

Mad4Eyebrow is super simple to use and sets in just 60 seconds. Once applied, Mad4Eyebrow is semi-permanent, so can be worn with confidence all day. It is Smudgeproof and Water Resistant.

How do you apply it?

Just take out the wand, slightly shake off any loose product. Use either the tip or the flat side of the wand (depending on what part of the brow you are applying the product to) and simply brush from one side of the brow to the other. There is no need to press too hard, the wand simply needs to touch the skin to work. Remember and use the stick included with the product once a week, to keep keep the fibres inside the tube loose and to prevent them from becoming compressed together.

Mad4Eyebrow is designed to be applied each morning and then taken off with make-up remover at night, however, if it is not removed, it will fade away over 2 to 3 days.

How much is it?

A4 Mad4Eyebrow is €29.95 and if used everyday, will last up to an incredible 350 applications, so great value.

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