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3D Iipo Ireland

3D Iipo Ireland has fast been earning a reputation across the globe as the ultimate in non-invasive beauty technology. From the outstanding facial Hifu to life changing body treatments, 3D offers a complete and prescriptive approach to non-surgical beauty. Adored by countless celebrities including Chloe Goodman - who is a proud ambassador for 3D Aesthetics - TOWIE’s Amy Childs, Gemma Collins, Coleen Rooney, Patsy Kensit, Dawn Ward, Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Johnathan Cheban , Alex Gerrard, Stephanie Davis, Darren Day, Blue’s Anthony Costa and Love Island star Olivia Buckman, the before and after photos with just one 3D treatment alone is enough to make your jaw drop to the floor. From brilliant bum lifts to visible cellulite reduction - there’s only one question left to be asked of this innovation: is there anything this technology can’t do? All aspects of 3D Lipo Ireland are run by Co Managing Director Sabrina Ni Concubhair, alongside her husband Micheal O’Concubhair, from the Irish Headquarters based in Clane, Co.Kildare. From machine distribution, training and all the way to the service end of the clinic, Sabrina ensures she has her hands on every element of 3D Lipo Ireland. To this day Sabrina ensures she continues to learn and upskill in every aspect of 3D Lipo and is able to provide both the Irish salons and her own customers with an indepth knowledge of the Power of 3D.

3D Lipo can be simply described as a beauty tech business with a unique philosophy: your bespoke beauty needs customised into one fast-acting non surgical and non-invasive treatment. Now established as a market leader in the Beauty & Aesthetics industry, 3D Lipo continues to accumulate a large consumer following, as well as many celebrity and esteemed beauty editor advocates. A huge reason for this is not just the visible results or the fast- acting nature of the treatment but the fact that this technology can target areas that were once considered hard to tackle, such as stubborn underarm fat pockets that no amount of exercise can seem to shift. With this, you can.​

What is 3Dlipo?

3D Iipo Ireland is a fast acting non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that offers a safe, effective alternative to popular surgical procedures for body contouring and anti-ageing treatments, targeted fat reduction, cellulite treatment and skin tightening for both the face & body, providing prescriptive solutions to each client to ensure maximum results that are risk free and importantly affordable.

It’s instant results and zero recovery time has resulted in 3D Lipo becoming a go to for celebrities looking to trim down and tone up.

Why 3Dlipo?

3D Iipo Ireland has a long standing proven track record of offering the latest and most effective technologies endorsed by celebrities and industry experts worldwide. It is unique in the sense that using the power of 3D Lipo, it offers a complete approach to fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite.

Whether you are looking for inch loss or to just target that tricky muffin top you can’t shift at the gym, 3D- lipo is the perfect treatment to help.

Each 3D Lipo experience is personal to the client. The clinic will offer a bespoke, tailor made package to suit the clients needs and wants using a selection of the 3D Lipo offerings.

What is 3D ultimate from 3D Iipo Ireland?

3D Ultimate offers the ‘ultimate’ combination of non-surgical face and body technologies, including HIFU ((high intensity focused ultrasound) for face and body, Cryolipolysis, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Shockwave treatments all in one amazing device to provide the client with a prescriptive programme to specifically target all areas of concern be it for the face and / or body, thus allowing the clinic to treat every client whatever their concern may be.

How quickly will I see results?

Depending on the 3D Iipo Ireland treatment, results can be visible from the very first treatment, and with many of the treatments offered by 3D Lipo the results will improve over and number of weeks and throught the course of your treatment plan to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

What Treatments Do 3D Iipo Ireland Offer?

Each 3D Lipo experience is personal to the client. The clinic will offer a bespoke, tailor made package to suit the clients needs and wants using a selection of the 3D Lipo offerings

Cavitation - Ideal to reduce fat overall. Using low frequency ultrasound, a way of pressure reduces the fat to a liquid form. Ideal for larger areas and results can be seen from the first treatment.

Cryo Freeze - Ideal for stubborn fat pockets and body sculpting. Using a combination of electro and cryo therapy the fat is crystallised. Results are visible 6-12 weeks post treatment.

HIFU - Ideal to target specific areas of fat for body sculpting, fat removal and stubborn fat. High frequency ultra sound waves heat the fat under the skin allowing the body to naturally flush it away while tightening the skin on the treated area. Results can be seen from 2 - 4 months post treatment. HIFU Facial treatments are also available, lifting and tightening the skin without the need for surgical procedures.

3D RF Face & Body Skin Tightening - Ideal to reduce the appearance of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles as well as tightening the skin using heat to contract the collagen fibres and increase the metabolism of the fibroblast to create healthier, smoother and younger looking skin. Results can be seen from the first treatment. Also available for the body to tighten larger areas of skin, smoothing fine lines and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

3D Cryofuse - Used to enhance other 3D Lipo treatments by making the fat cells easier to break down and dispose therefore improving the appearance of cellulite.

3D Dermology - Used to treat cellulite, lymphatic drainage and increase blood supply. Ideal to be used alongside other 3D Lipo treatments.

3D Shockwave - Used to target stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite by stimulating the fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage. A course of treatments is typically 8 - 10 and can be used alongside other 3D Lipo treatments.

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