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Munster Chimney Solutions

Munster Chimney Solutions - Inspections are critical to keeping you and your loved ones safe — they can prevent hazards such as carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fires

Munster Chimney Solutions camera inspection services is an excellent way of showing the inside of your chimney, from chamber to pot. You can see the state of your chimney with your own eyes

CHIMNEY RELINING by Munster Chimney Solutions Chimneys can be relined in one day with no mess or demolition. Chimneys flues must be clean and sound to carry heat and gases safely up and away from the chimney top, but these combustion byproducts can also deteriorate a flue's inner surface over time.

Munster Chimney Solutions To help prevent a chimney fire occurring in your property, you should ensure your chimney is swept as often as recommended: 👉Smokeless Fuel Once per year 👉Coal twice per year 👉Wood Burning Quarterly when in use 👉Gas Once per year if designed for chimney sweeping 👉Oil Fired Once per year

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