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MooGoo Ireland is an Australian Skincare Range. It gained its name from the fact that our original Udder Skin Milk Moisturiser was used on cow’s udders in dairy farms following milking. The range has been in Ireland since 2010 and is found in over 900 pharmacies & health food stores. We make our products for babies and adults with sensitive, troubled skin and also those who prefer to use a natural alternative to synthetic skincare products. All of our products are so natural – they are edible!

Are you products tested on animals and can you use from birth?

We do not test on animals - we start off by testing our products on ourselves first and then we recruit some willing guinea-pig customers who are always happy to try new products. All MooGoo Ireland products are suitable from birth. As we only use edible natural ingredients, we ensure that when we make any new products they are suitable from birth onwards but we do recommending patch testing before use.

I am undergoing treatment and my skin is very sensitive- what can you recommend? MooGoo Ireland is ideal for anyone undergoing treatment, be it Oncology or otherwise. Our Udder Skin Milk has repairing ingredients to sooth the skin. Our Milk Wash is suitable for both the face and body and prevents drying and our aluminium free Deodorant and Cowlick Lip Balm are very popular with patients undergoing treatment.

I have eczema but also lactose intolerant can I use the products ?

It’s a common misconception that our products are made from milk. Our name comes from the fact that our products were used on cows. We add milk protein (not related to lactose) to a couple of our products as it improves skin elasticity but anything we recommend for eczema does not contain any milk protein. We would recommend you try our Irritable Skin Balm and our Soothing MSM Cream as these both help with the redness, inflammation and itching associated with eczema.

What do you recommend for a dry itchy scalp ? Very often when it comes to scalp complaints, the issue can be with what you are washing your hair with. A lot of shampoo’s contain ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, perfume and silicone. These ingredients make the washing process nicer but if you have a dry skin condition, they can irritate the scalp and create dryness. Because we only use natural ingredients, you won’t find any of the above in our Milk Shampoo. Our Shampoo helps to wash away dead skin cells but also control the micro flora of the scalp that can cause scalp problems.

We also have our Scalp Cream Moisturiser too which works well on cradle cap and adults with sebhorreic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.​

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