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GOSH Copenhagen Ireland

GOSH Copenhagen Ireland newbies including the new eye palette and new lumi lips.

9 SHADES IS A EYE SHADOW PALETTE FEATURING NINE STUNNING COLOURS✨Brand new ✨With 9 SHADES eye shadow palette it is easy to create amazing different looks. Each mirrored compact contains nineshades of fantastic shimmery, matt and metallic shades in different texturBENEFITS:To create endless cool looksEasy to mix & blendExcellent colour pay-offWith mirrorPerfume & paraben free.

Multi-purpose product - release the creativity!EFFECT POWDER is a loose powder, consisting of highly pigmented colour to enhance the eyes, cheeks or lips.EFFECT POWDER can be used in many different ways: eye shadow, highlighter, lip gloss and lipstick - and can even be mixed into body lotion!Each little pot contains intensely reflective colour that glides on smoothly, adding sparkle and shine.Be spectacularly creative - there are no limits.KEY INGREDIENTSIMPORTANT POINTS• Multi-purpose product• Special effects in different lights• Highly pigmented• Shimmery / metallic effect• Easy to mix & blend• Transform any look• Perfume & paraben freeHOW TO USEEFFECT POWDER can be applied with an applicator or a brush, depending on the desired effect. With a brush, it can be toned out for an almost transparent, metallic effect. Build up the intensity with an applicator for a more dramatic look.EFFECT POWDER can also be used on shoulders and décolleté. Use a large powder brush and apply to bare skin for an exciting look.TIPS & TRICKSAdditionally, using a damp brush with the powder creates a beautiful effect; - with a very glossy, colour-saturated and extra durable finish.

Everyone is taking about the new Lumi lips .They have an active ingredient called dictyopteris that is great for restructuring volume.Gorgeous colours and great for fuller lips and for little lines around the lip area.

METAL EYES liners have a waterproof, silky, soft and creamy texture, that allows for optimal playtime and blending. Always blend and smudge before the product sets on the lid. It is also suitable on the waterline, and can be used around the edge of the eye with a thin or bold line. It has an even and very metallic finish that lasts up to 24 hours without creasing, flaking or fading.

METAL EYES has a great colour intensity with an extremely deep metallic effect. #goshIreland #sp

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