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Ría Organics is a luxury certified organic skincare range founded by a sibling trio from County Wicklow devoted to delivering sustainable luxury. All Ría Organics products adhere to the strict, internationally recognized organic certification the COSMOS-standard and are proudly made in Ireland, vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. The packaging is also 100% recyclable.  

Nicola Shevlin (King), co-founder and nurse with 20 years’ experience, became passionate about organic skincare after seeing first-hand how sensitive our skin is to the synthetic chemicals found in other skincare products. Driven to develop products that were both powerful and pure, she began formulating her own organic skincare range in 2013.

With the support of her brothers Richard King, who has a strong background in chemistry, and Andrew King, a horticulturist, Ría Organics was officially launched in June 2017 through their gold winning garden at Bloom in the Phoenix Park. A true family collaboration, their surname is even instilled in the name Ría Organics; ‘Rí’ being an Irish word meaning King.

The launch-range includes an Energising Day Cream, Replenishing Night Cream and Restorative Eye Cream. Nicola carefully formulated the creams to work in harmony with our skin. Designed for optimum impact, they offer the easy absorption properties, pleasing textures and delicate fragrances deserving of a luxury skincare line.

With spring plans to start growing their own organic rose plants in County Wicklow to make rosehip oil for their products, Ría Organics will continue to provide consumers authentic value in a luxury Irish organic skincare line. There are additional products currently in development which are expected to be launched in summer 2018.

What skin-types is the Ría Organics range made for?

The Ría Organics range suits all skin types because of the light organic oils we use. It is particularly great for those with sensitive skin.

From dry to oily, the creams help your skin find its own unique, healthy balance. The range is packed with organic oils, extracts and actives of the finest grade. For instance, rosehip, macadamia and argan oils hydrate and nourish, while powerful antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E protect against free radicals. Skin-loving actives like hyaluronic acid and lupine peptides also feature prominently to give your skin a natural, firming boost.

Ría Organics’ unique blends provide lasting moisture, helps reduce fine lines and boost collagen production so your skin looks and feels its natural best.

What are the benefits of the Energising Day Cream?

Our organic day cream instantly energises and provides essential all-day hydration. It is light-weight though packs a punch, absorbing quickly into your skin and leaving a make-up ready matte finish. It contains loads of antioxidants to help fight off free radicals (like air pollution) and also contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and plump your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

What are the benefits of the Replenishing Night Cream?

The night cream offers nourishing, hydrating and firming properties as there is a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. It is also packed with lupine peptides and macadamia oil. Lupine peptides are great because they restore the elastic properties of the skin which is especially good for skin that has lost its tone and become loose.

When is the best time to apply the eye-cream?

Apply a small amount around the eye-contour both day and night for best results.

Because of its silky ultra-hydrating formula, which includes cucumber extract and caffeine, it protects the eye’s delicate skin from dehydration. It also helps to firm the appearance of the eyelid and reduces the signs of fatigue and stress around the eye-contour.

Why certified organic?

We are an environmentally conscious brand and believe that it is ever more important to promote ethical beauty. We encounter enough toxins in our everyday lives and wanted our products to provide a healthy relief from that exposure and nourish the skin.

We obtained the highest internationally recognized organic certification we could – the COSMOS-Organic Standard as certified by the Soil Association.

This means that our ingredients are farmed in a way that promotes biodiversity, for example, without the use of toxic chemicals, GMOs, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. There are also no synthetic colors, fragrances, dyes or parabens used in our products. We even go as far as ensuring that none of the materials used to clean our manufacturing equipment involved no harsh chemicals and our packaging is also 100% recyclable.

From farm to face, you can rest assured that we’re dedicated to promoting ethical and organic beauty.


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